Supporting your healthy lifestyle, since 1998.
Supporting your healthy lifestyle, since 1998.

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Our Story

Bodynova stands on more than 22 years of experience, bringing you the highest quality products to support your healthy lifestyle. What began in Europe in 1998 as a small business importing massage tables from the US has developed into one of the largest retail + wholesale outlets in Europe for yoga, meditation, Pilates, wellness, healthy living, apparel and massage products. 

Bodynova is thrilled to be bringing our impeccable products, at affordable prices to the North American market for the very first time. Our North American operations are headquartered in Brooklyn, and helmed by some of the brightest & most well connected talent in the wellness space.

At our corporate headquarters in Cologne, Germany you will find an office full of friends, a brick + mortar warehouse + fulfillment center, a retail space and a yoga studio.

Our Philosophy

Our corporate philosophy is based on appreciation for life and the importance of our fellow human beings. We believe in flat hierarchies and an environment in which each individual can feel a valuable part of the whole. We encourage teamwork, creativity and unconventional approaches to achieving our goals together. Loyalty and fairness, openness to all identity, opinion and lifestyle, are at the heart of our operation.

We Manufacture

We are very proud that many of the products we sell, we also manufacture. Our labels, Bodhi, Niyama + Yamadhi are produced in house as well as the majority of our yoga, meditation, and healthy living products. Fair production practices, fair competition and fair prices are the non-negotiable basis of our manufacturing process.

Fair Production + Competition

We attach great importance to fair and transparent cooperation with our producers and suppliers. We do not dump prices - on our products nor on the companies with whom we cooperate. This is how we ensure the highest quality of our products while at the same time ensuring the true success of our partners.

Fair Pricing

A healthy lifestyle is the right of every human being on the planet. We believe that the tools with which to practice a healthy lifestyle should be reasonably priced making them accessible to as many people as possible who are in pursuit of a healthy lifestyle. You’re not likely to see huge markdowns here, because there are no huge markups to begin with.

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Feedback: We Couldn’t Do it Without You

When selecting and manufacturing our products, we are guided by the feedback we receive from our community. Open dialogue and exchange are invaluable tools as they allow us to continue to develop + to innovate.

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Service Committment

Our highest priority is that you are more than satisfied with our products and with our customer service. Should you find yourself less than satisfied, we are more than happy to hear from you. In our experience, timeliness and fair, respectful conversation (almost) always produces a solution in which everyone involved is happy. 

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