Supporting your healthy lifestyle, since 1998.
Supporting your healthy lifestyle, since 1998.

Sharing Your Passion For

Yoga & Meditation

Our Story

We share your passion for yoga and meditation with you!

We have more than 22 years of experience of bringing our customers the highest quality products that support a healthy lifestyle. What began in 1998 with two Yogis selling massage tables from the USA is now internationally recognized as the largest online shop throughout Europe for yoga, meditation, Pilates, wellness, healthy living, apparel and massageproducts via our online shop

At our headquarters in Cologne, Germany, you will find our main office filled with people who have become family. There’s also a brick and mortar retail space where you can get customized advice, explore our product range, and drop into a class in our yoga studio- where a variety of yogaclasses, and workshops are offered daily. We are thrilled to bring our Bodynova family and impeccable products, at accessible prices, to the North American market for the very first time.

Our Philosophy

Our corporate philosophy is based on an appreciation of life, our fellowhuman beings and ourselves. We believe in flat hierarchies and an environment in which each individual is a valuable part of the big picture. We encourage teamwork, creativity and unconventional approaches to achieve our goals. Loyalty and fairness towards our employees, the welcoming of different personalities, lifestyles and circumstances, as well as having an open ear for individual perspectives, are at the heart of our operations.

We Manufacture

We are very proud to manufacture many of the products that we sell. Our brands, Bodhi + Niyama (Apparel), are produced inhouse along with the majority of our yoga, meditation, and healthy living products. Fair production practices, fair competition and fair prices are the non-negotiable basis of our manufacturing process.

Fair Production + Competition

We attach great importance to fair and transparent cooperation with our producers and suppliers. We do not dump prices - neither on our products nor on the companies with whom we cooperate. This is how we ensure the highest quality of our products while at the same time expressing our appreciation for the success of our partners.

Fair Pricing

We believe that a healthy lifestyle is the right of every human being on the planet. Therefore, the tools needed to practice a healthy lifestyle should be reasonably priced so that they are accessible to as many people as possible!


Feedback: We Couldn’t Do it Without You

When selecting and manufacturing our products, we are guided by the wishes and feedback we receive from our loyal customers - YOU! Open dialogue and exchange are invaluable to us. It is thanks to your honest feedback that we can continue to develop and innovate our products.

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Service Committment

Your satisfaction with our customer service is also top priority! Therefore, we take your feedback to heart. Our employees strive to satisfy your wishes and your needs. Should you not be satisfied with the service that you've received, we are happy to hear from you. In our 25 years of experience, a fair and respectful discussion always produces a solution in which all parties involved are happy. We want you to have as much fun with our products and services as we do with our work.

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