Supporting your healthy lifestyle, since 1998.
Supporting your healthy lifestyle, since 1998.

We are proud to have joined forces with internationally recognized EkhartYoga on bringing you the highest quality content to support your healthy lifestyle. Please enjoy our curated selection of blogs and online yoga + meditation classes which will be updated each month!

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Yoga + Meditation Classes


Hips + Balance Flow

A short flow that moves around the mat and focuses on hip opening postures that are strengthening and grounding. Feel free to do this practice in the morning, or as a quick pick me up during your day if you're looking to reconnect with your body and come back to the present moment.


Morning Yoga Flow

A sweet morning flow that will gently open and stimulate the body. Energy will flow, the breath will deepen and you will feel more present and alive as a result.


Delicious Lunchtime Flow

A bite-sized midday practice designed to fuel your afternoon. This burst of asana will gently shift the work out of your mind and spine, as you power up and chill out with a scrumptious flow including dancing warriors, a bit of balancing, a juicy hip opener and a supported backbend to return to your day fully nourished. Bon appétit!


Yoga for Better Sleep

Night night, sleep tight... Enjoy a sweet easeful flow designed to recalibrate the nervous system after your day of being on the go. Allowing the body and mind to drop deeply into restorative sleep.


Hhhhhot Core Flow

This core centric sequence begins on the mat with crunches, and flows full circle from forearm to side plank variations, fallen triangles, crescent moons, a little ninja, a lot of twist, and load of heat. You'll be breathing fire by the end!


Energy Boosting Yoga

Come and transform the heaviness into light. This energising, vinyasa flow with Katy Appleton will leave you feeling refreshed, renewed and re-energised.


Detox Flow

This flow helps you encourage the body's natural ability to detoxify itself through lots of twists, direct and indirect stimulation of the belly, and activation of the blood and lymph circulation. There's a gentle warm up, a belly massage in Child's pose, lots of twisty flow and a little core work in the middle. We end with a 'waterfall' or shoulderstand at the end to drain any stagnant fluid from the legs. This class will boost your energy and help create that feeling of freedom, especially in the torso.


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