Supporting your healthy lifestyle, since 1998.
Supporting your healthy lifestyle, since 1998.
Asana yoga belt 2,5 m x 38 mm, cotton cotton ecru metal D-RINGS - Bodynova Shop

The ASANA Yoga Belt Cotton Ecru Metal With Metal D-Rings

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Cotton yoga strap with D-ring metal buckle

The Bodhi Asana Belt with metal buckle is a cotton yoga strap with good grip. The yoga strap is a practical aid for yoga practice. Used as an extension of the arms, for example, the belt gives you a greater range, for example if you cannot reach your feet with your hands in the sitting bend (Paschimottanasana). In addition, with the help of the strap you can gradually learn demanding yoga postures, hold them even longer and deepen them while keeping the proper alignment. In this way, the yoga strap helps you reduce the risk of injury and perform the yoga postures correctly.

Asana Belt with metal closure

  • Practical tool for many Asanas
  • Material: 100 % cotton
  • Length: 2.5 m
  • Width: 38 mm